Last week I regaled you with my tale of how I ended up in Boston. There was a fair amount of complaining, and that wasn’t fair to Boston. There is a lot about this city that I like. I have have had the opportunity to live on both sides of the Charles River and in some nice and some not-so-nice places. And while I seem to have settled in the western ‘burbs of Boston – Boston isn’t all bad.

The Good:

I love Boston in the fall. The leaves are like L.L. Bean’s version of porn. The colors are gorgeous, and I love walking around with my dog when the weather is crisp. Fall air is always clearer, and this brings me to my second point…

…the architecture is gorgeous. When I lived in Cambridge, I lived in a neighborhood known for its collection of large Victorian houses. A. and I made it a habit to walk around at night with the hope of getting a glimpse of their opulent interiors. Once A. and I went as far as to crash a realtor house party in order to see the inside of a turn-of-the-century, 7,000 square foot, single family house. There was a billiard room – an entire room dedicated to shooting little balls around a felt table. Amazing.

On the other side of the Charles, I had the opportunity to live in The North End, Boston’s Little Italy, and I can say without hesitation, that was my favorite neighborhood in which to live – there was no need for a car and the dining options were endless. In fact, I made it a personal crusade to try to eat my way through the neighborhood. Thankfully, I lived in a fourth floor walk-up to try to counteract the fact that I ate my weight in cannolis.

Of course, for every positive aspect of Boston there are several bad ones. The winters are long and harsh. I love The Red Sox but I hate The Patriots. The public transportation options are limited. Case in point: I live 6.7 miles away from work, but I have to drive since the only public transportation option would consist of two long bus rides and a T ride totaling about two hours one way.

But the leaves. The leaves are beautiful, especially when eating a cannoli.