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In an effort to whoop my butt back into shape, there is nothing better than the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A few years ago I could run up 30 times, Rocky style. Today, 10 almost killed me.

My favorite times to go are at the crack of dawn and at night so you can see the city lights. If you go during the day, be prepared to endure the stares and have the Rocky song screamed at you a million times, especially when a fresh bus of tourists pulls up.

Sometimes I wonder how many photographs my ass appears in. It would be interesting to line them all up in order of physical fitness level. Actually, more terrifying than interesting.

My favorite thing today was this guy:

He raced me, frolicked around the Asian wedding photoshoot, hugged the bum at the bottom of the stairs, and sang the Rocky song to me about 3 times when I felt near death.

Maybe I should go right before sunset more often.