… because there are too many damn lights. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s special to the season or just New York being New York at night. For example:

a communist sidewalk tree

the mannequin at Bergdorf Goodman's who comes alive at night

Bloomingdale's, or the United Nations of Hanging Lights (tm)

sparkles and booze -- the only presents you need

All of those above? Just New York being New York at night.

But this city does come alive at the holiday season — the Rockefeller tree, the giant menorah at Central Park, tourists ice skating, the beautiful flashing lights of police cars. But there is one holiday decoration I like most here. Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of the non-denominational winter night sky, the ancient turning of the seasons, the solstice. Or perhaps it reminds me of the star that led the wise men to the baby in the manger. (Why didn’t they use a map if they were so wise? you ask. Stop ruining the story.) It’s this:

the star that guides your hand to your wallet

The star that hangs over Fifth Avenue, suspended in the frosty air, burning with blue-white purity. I like it most because it seems to follow me as I walk home, flooding the streets with light and hope.

Happy Holidays!