Here we are in 2012. Like Erin, I am not one for making resolutions. Unlike Erin, I have to admit 2011 was a good year for me. A. and I bought a house. I got a new job that I love. Overall I have been happier and thankful for the things I have. Would I be happier a few pounds lighter, eating more veggies? Sure. But I also have good friends and I learned to put trust in my decisions.

I spent the holidays at my parents’ in New York. I was able to spend a week in NY, catching up with friends and bonding with my family. A. went home to see his family in DC for a few days and I offered to meet him in NYC upon his return. So last Wednesday I hopped on the LIRR, and twenty minutes later I was in Manhattan. To be honest, I was nervous going into the city. I have been accustomed to a slower pace in Boston and a different way of life. Would I remember which way to go? Would I look like a tourist?

In a word, no.

I am proud to say my sea legs came back rather quickly. I grabbed A.’s hand and zipped in between out-of-towners who were trying to navigate the grid. We headed downtown to the east village, down St. Mark’s, a place I had not visited in years. We ate at the delicious Yaffa Cafe, strolled through Tompkins Square Park over to Alphabet City. Growing up, Alphabet City was not a place I was ever allowed to visit; too dangerous, I was told. Now there are strollers, gourmet food stores, and quaint eateries.

I loved being back in the city, but I also felt like a cheater. I looked around and realized I couldn’t live in NY. I couldn’t afford a lifestyle that I consider comfortable; I enjoy having a house with a yard and being able to see stars at night. So at the end of the day, I was happy to be coming back to my home in Boston.

So if one is to have a New Year’s resolution, it is to be happy with what we have. To appreciate where we are, no matter where it is.