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We are in the process of wedding planning, and any spare moment we have goes to working on the wedding. Being that I work freelance and my fiance has a “normal” job, right now the wedding is my full-time job because I don’t have a gig currently.

Today my focus was on the cake. I say cake loosely as we are leaning towards having cupcakes. If you haven’t seen these modern arrangements, there are a lot of looks to choose from, just like a standard wedding cake. They have these tiered structures to hold the cupcakes, and they are shaped like a cake. Many styles have a small 6 inch cake to go on top, which is used for the cake cutting that occurs at most weddings.

Since we are having a daytime summer wedding, we feel like the cupcake idea is a perfect choice. We are also non-traditional in every way and love making choices a bit outside the box.

The front-runner, flavor wise, is Sprinkles cupcakes, but we are not set on it until we do more research and look around. So I called and called and called and called because this is Los Angeles and there are many, many places that make cupcakes. In fact, as I am looking around, I have even found some that were on “Cupcake Wars.” This may not be exciting to many, but for someone who watches food shows religiously, it is an added plus.

It is overwhelming and exhausting. But I think that describes just about every decision wedding related.

Here is a photo of a style we are considering: