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Everyone knows that D.C. has amazing museums; even my friends and family out west have been to a Smithsonian at some point in their lives. But public knowledge about the D.C. art and museum scene seems to stop there, or at least it did for me for a long time. It’s hard to motivate yourself to see a smaller exhibit (or one you have to pay for) when you’ve got the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden staring you in the face.

Recently though, I’ve been convinced that it’s worth the venture. Last week I took a jaunt through the Corcoran Gallery of Art, shamefully for the first time. I went to see the costume-ish collection by Nick Cave called “Soundsuits,” which was indeed worth the time.

What caught me the most though was an interactive Lego exhibit that paired with displayed work in which Legos were the medium. The exhibit had us playing with Legos for nearly an hour, which gave me an opportunity to have a conversation with someone over something other than alcohol, an outlet I’m always looking for. Going back to Erin’s previous post, I too get sick of the excessive amount of drinking we urban folks do, which is saying a lot as beer is one of my favorite things in the world. But who needs beer when you can play with Legos? I made a pretty badass alligator, and my friend made a flying duck. We then had a war over the pond. Awesome.

from http://www.corcoran.org/now/healy_cordeiro/exploration.php