This time of year is a very interesting one here in Los Angeles. This is the place to come for just about any awards show you could want to see. Be it a show to celebrate music, television, movies, music videos, the best, the worst, whatever you want, we have it.

I am sure that most would think that in Los Angeles there is traffic all of the time, end of story. It is true, we are traffic central, but not all traffic is the same. Normally, I assume at minimum it will take me a half-hour to get anywhere, even if I am only going two miles away. The most terrible traffic I ever dealt with in LA was when I lived on the East Side and worked on the West Side. One Friday, it took me almost four hours to go about ten miles. I know, I know, most would have moved after that one.

Awards season traffic is especially bad. On awards show days, I try my best to stay at home and not make any plans that will force me to brave the streets. The problem is that not only does the large area surrounding whatever location the event is held at get very bad (because of the excess cars and road closures), but what makes the entire city bad is the parties. There are parties all over town, which are hard to escape. No matter where you go, it is hectic with the prep and the press.

My best advice is to enjoy watching on TV, and if you live in Los Angeles, avoid the roads!