I love porn. Well, not porn porn. But house porn. If I am feeling particularly lazy, I have the ability to browse house blogs for hours. I tiptoe around various blogs like Young House Love, or Shelterrific, or even Apartment Therapy. I dream of a craftsman bungalow with mid-century finds that I have picked up (for cheap, natch!) at a garage sale, and of owning a Knoll Womb Chair that I can curl up in and read.

I am an archivist, ergo, there is no fancy designer chair in my future. In fact, the closest I got to a Womb Chair was when A. and I naively wandered into Design Within Reach. He sat in one, sighed contentedly, and I, looking at the price tag, hissed, “Get out of the chair! Get out of the chair…it costs more than the two of us…COMBINED.” 

Now that I am a homeowner, I have more space to decorate, walls to paint, and pictures to hang. Since A. and I only moved into our house last May, much like Erin and her Art Hanging Expedition, I still have boxes lining my walls, various framed prints lying around, and the urge to buy any random tchotchke just to have something that looks like we actually live in the house and are not just squatters. In fact, we have a small room off our living room that A. and I decided would be my office. A. uses the small bedroom upstairs as his office, so by process of elimination, this window- and light-filled room is my office. I love it. I have never had a room that only functions as my office. Of course, my office became the dumping ground for boxes left to unpack and framed prints.

Until this weekend.

A. was away visiting a friend and left me without a car. Back when I lived in Cambridge, not having a car was no big deal. However, in my little suburb, while I can still walk to places, laziness has a way of winning since the closest supermarket is about a mile walk. Uphill. Both ways. So, I took this as an opportunity for an exercise named Operation Organization Insanity™. I cleaned out the window-filled room, dusted, swept, hung up paint samples (Benjamin Moore’s Pool Party, anyone?), and was no holds barred when it came to throwing stuff out. I set up my desk. I love this desk; it is a Parson’s console table I scored for 100 clams courtesy of Craigslist. Most importantly, I made the space mine:

Fluffy, my Jeff Koons inspired bookend, and a woodcut print A. and I bought in Juneau on our honeymoon

My computer glows with happiness now that she sits on a desk instead of my lap.

And all of those framed prints that I moved out of my office to make room for me? I did what any happily married spouse would do. I moved them into A’s. office.