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Even when life in LA gets a little bit hard, it’s not so bad.

Freelancing is challenging no matter what city you live in or what type of work you do. If you look back at Katie’s post, you can see that in Boston as a writer/editor, just as in LA as a producer, or any place, there is stress. You have to meet your deadlines, and at the same time you are always looking for the next gig. Especially when you aren’t currently working on anything, the stress builds.

Here is where things are a bit different. In Boston the high today, weather wise, is 54 degrees. In Los Angeles, the high is 78 degrees. I couldn’t tell you what the temperature was at 7:40 this morning in D.C. or Philly, but in LA my fiancée and I went out in shorts and a tee to run 6 1/2 miles.

I am not saying this makes it easier to pay the bills, but even when I am having a rough day or a tough time finding work, I can still throw on a tee-shirt and some flip-flops and take the dog for a walk in the sun. I love the snow and started skiing when I was three years old, but if I jump in my car and drive an hour and fifteen minutes, I can be on the mountain. Coming from the East Coast where you had to “layer up” before getting on the mountain, I smile as I go snowboarding in a tee-shirt (for real, I have done it!).

So I am currently looking for my next gig, but after I do some job searching, I think I will throw on my tee-shirt and flip-flops. I’ll take the dog for a walk. Meet a friend for lunch. Do some volunteer work. And smile knowing that it could always be worse!