I can no longer do a backbend.

I found this out during my yoga class tonight…it was a harsh truth for me. I used to be able to put my hands behind my head and *pop* I would be able to lift off in a backbend, you know, no big whoop. Now…I put my hands behind my head and….nothing. I looked around the class, and since it is held in the gym at the university I work for, I am surrounded by bright young things who are able to bend backwards. It made me slightly depressed to say the least.

While I have practiced yoga on and off for years, I am flexible, but not to a ridiculous level. However, simple poses were never a big deal for me. I was not one of the lululemonheads who was able to incorporate acrobatics and headstands…but a backbend? Pshaw…give me a challenge.

The only women in the class who were unable to bend backwards were us thirty-somethings. Hitting my early to mid thirties, I knew there were going to be some hard truths: going grey, not being able to eat junk without the fear of heartburn, that sort of thing. But my flexibility going? That I was unprepared for.

During the savasana stage, I tried to be grateful for the fact that I was able to touch my toes, go back and forth between plank and downward dog without much of an issue, but I began to wonder…what goes next?

And so my friends, this is the descent into my thirties. I look forward to yelling at those bright young things to get off my lawn before I threaten to bend over and touch my toes…just to be creepy.