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Living in LA, it is easy to get yourself into a mentality where nothing surprises you anymore. Oh, look, there is someone over there dressed all in bright spandex, solo-dancing on the sidewalk on the main road in front of a building with reflective windows, singing loudly. Oh, yeah, I see that guy all the time. Drive through Hollywood and that doesn’t seem so odd.

I find it funny to see how I have changed here in Los Angeles also. I was always an avid cat-only person, and now I am not only a dog owner but a pet parent. This is not easy for me to write and even harder for me to say, but my partner reminds me of it daily. We have a little dog, and not only does she have sweaters but also jackets and a bathing suit. Now don’t ask me why she has these things because it is still beyond me. I believe that dogs have fur for a reason and don’t need these things, but when she is shivering cold and my other half has determined she needs to be wearing clothes, what can I do. We go out, and of course I end up having to hold the leash and cannot even try to hide that yes, she is mine, and yes, she is wearing a sweater.

The other day, we went to the dog park so that she could get the chance to run around. There weren’t too many dogs there at the time, which we were bummed about because she was actually in a mood to interact with other dogs. Let me tell you, this is rare. We were getting ready to leave, and what we saw then was surprising even to me.

Someone brought a lamb to the dog park. Yes, you did read that correctly, a LAMB. It was black and the size of a medium-sized dog. It was in the small dog section, and it was playing with another dog. Hopping around. Oh, and it was wearing a diaper.

By the time we got the pictures, the diaper was off, but I don’t think there is anything more that needs to be said. See for yourself….

Anyone out there have a crazy story to share? Be it Los Angeles or even Boston, any crazy animal adventures?