Today is my birthday. Ergo, it will be a short post as I have a good stiff drink waiting for me on the porch.

Now don’t get all sappy on me or make a joke about fire starting when I stick the candles in my birthday cake. (Oh, and there will be cake…what is the point of having a birthday if cake isn’t involved?)

I would also like to point out that the weather could not be more perfect this weekend. Sunny, not too humid, and a healthy dose of pollen just to make sure my allergies keep working.

Also, the Sox won against the Tigers this afternoon rounding out the awesomeness of it all.

But perhaps the best gift is the gift A. gave to me. He had been working on it since February, disappearing for hours at a time in his office, sometimes muttering loudly. To be honest, I had no idea what he was doing. (And I am usually a pretty good gift-guesser, much to A.’s chagrin.) He would be outside randomly taking pictures of the house, then running back upstairs whistling. It was rather unnerving. My last ditch guess was last night when I asked randomly if he had commissioned some horrific oversized oil painting. I was having panic attacks imagining having to hang a god-awful rendering of something in the house. However, sometimes the truth is much more simple…when A. excitedly brought up my present from the basement this morning, this was inside the bag…

Our house! In a snowglobe! The best part? We don’t have to shovel the sidewalk!

So on this bright sunny day in May, when everyone is out with their barbeques, I am enjoying the snow.