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I know that lately I have appeared a bit lazy in regards to my commitment to this blog, but it is not because I do not care. On the contrary, I love being a member. Lately things have changed for me in a big way – well, in many big ways. These changes have taken up a lot of time and also have made a tidal wave of thoughts, which have not come together, until now, to post about.

When I first began the conversation with the other women that would be a part of the creation of this blog, I was a single woman. Today, I am 11 days away from my wedding. This is not just a mentally overwhelming concept, but also time-consuming as we are planning the whole thing ourselves. It is great to have full control and make all of the decisions but also much more work than we ever imagined.

I am sure my next statement will make many of you say that I am crazy, but it is just the reality of what is going on for us right now. This weekend we are moving. Yes, a week from our wedding we are moving. On top of getting everything done for the wedding, we are packing and also having to purchase a bunch of random stuff, like new shelving units, for our new place. Our current apartment looks like an explosion has happened, and we are constantly stressed about making sure we know where everything wedding-related has been placed. We can’t wait to be settled again.

Lastly, and surprisingly, the thing that has felt the most overwhelming to me is that I got a job. Not a freelance job, a real full-time job. This is a big change for me. I have worked freelance for a very long time, and this is a very different lifestyle. We are going to want to start a family in the near future, and now is the time for me to have a consistent paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about it, but it is a bit of a big change for me and I hope I transition well.

So, there you have it. The trifecta: wedding; moving; new job.

In a nutshell, I think I am a grown-up!