Miss me?

Two weeks ago, I was in Victoria, B.C. for a conference. Then all hell broke loose. My flight was cancelled (back in May, but Orbitz neglected to tell me), leaving me stranded in Victoria for an extra night. Normally that would sound like a dream; however after a week away from A. and Gatsby and living in a dorm, I was itching to get home. I finally landed more than 12 hours later than planned only to have the car battery die in the parking lot of the airport. The conversation between A. and myself went like this:

A. “Great, I am in the cell phone lot, will swing around and pick you up by the baggage claim.”

–two minutes later–

A. “The car battery is dead.”

Me “No. Try again. Take the key out of the ignition, count to five, and turn the car on.”

A. “Errr, the battery is dead. Really.”

Me “No, you don’t understand, take the key out, put it back in, and start the car.”

This went on for several moments before reality struck me. I hunted down the Logan info desk where I had the info guy call Massport so they could give A. a jump. (Fun fact: this happens quite frequently as the Massport guy was kind of enough to point out that “You are not unique.” Um, thanks.)

So here I am. Back home. With a new car battery. But, as Katie can point out, in my life, when it rains it pours, and this morning our tankless water heater went kaput. Nothing wakes you up quite like a cold shower.  Hell, at least I had hot water in Victoria.