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Two weeks ago, around the time I’m usually finishing up my weekly post, I decided to have a baby instead – well, to be more accurate, Kid B accepted the fact that he had to be born and finally arrived, 5 days late. (Side note: don’t believe anyone who tells you that, if your first kid is on time, your second will be on time or early. That baby is already in charge and willing to exert his authority to be late if he chooses.)

Ahem. Earlier that day, we went out to lunch at a place in Newton called Cabot’s, which everyone in my family knows and loves for its many flavors of homemade ice cream, gigantic sundaes, and different kinds of hot fudge. My mom, who was visiting, told us the story of how she had a jumbo banana boat at Cabot’s a couple of days before giving birth to me. If you know my mom, you know that she is a small person who does not look capable of eating the 5 or 6 scoops of ice cream, multiple toppings, and banana that form this sundae by herself. But she did, to my dad’s dismay (he had to order his own dessert after all), and then I was born, loving ice cream as much as she does. So we figured it couldn’t hurt to try to hurry my kid up with a Cabot’s sundae. There are worse family traditions. Anyway, obviously I can’t prove that ice cream helped me go into labor, or that it made my labor last only 5 hours, but who’s to say it didn’t contribute? Let’s just say this is one more reason for me to really love ice cream. And maybe it’s an excuse to eat even more of it.

Since it’s summer and about 97 degrees here in Boston – and okay, also because my sleep-deprived brain isn’t sure what else to talk about this week – here are my other favorite places to get ice cream in the area.

  • Rancatore’s. They used to be within walking distance of me and now, sadly, are not, but I’m willing to drive there sometimes for flavors like khulfi and gingersnap molasses.
  • Christina’s. In Inman Square, this is a little harder for me to get to these days. It’s kind of hard to justify the trip when the parking in that area is so irritating. But their list of flavors is insane. Once, I risked an allergy attack by ordering the Fresh Rose. Yes, the allergies came on halfway through the cone, and yes, it was worth it. They have an impressive list of sorbets, too, if you want to go the non-dairy route.

New Englanders love ice cream, so there’s no shortage of other places to get your ice cream fix. But those are my top picks, and anyway, I’ve run out of time to talk about any others because the baby just fell asleep, which means I need to go to bed, too. Time to get my night of sleep in three-hour increments!