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Today I took the bus to work.

That feels strange coming out of my mouth. I can’t lie, I had preconceived notions about what it says about someone if they take the bus. Now, I am only talking about Los Angeles because in cities like D.C., NYC, and Boston, public transportation is a way of life, but in LA, we live in our cars. Only people who can’t afford a car take the bus, and don’t get me started on the Metro because it just doesn’t go everywhere, so what’s the point. (Although they are working to expand it).

I thought it would be crowded and stinky; how annoyingly narrow of me, I know. It wasn’t; it was clean and comfortable. I sat, relaxed, and listened to my iPod all the way to downtown. Now I will admit, I did miss my NPR, but I still enjoyed moving my head to my favorite tunes and staring out the window, watching the sunlight fall over the city. I looked at the Ritz as we neared downtown and thought about the night after I proposed to my wife. I made mental plans for our anniversary and enjoyed the view.

When I got off the bus, I had about 10 blocks or so to walk to get to my office and found myself enjoying those 15 minutes of getting to enjoy the day outside. I watched all types of people make their way around, and it reminded me of making my way in NYC.

So look out you East Coast cities, here LA comes! And maybe, just maybe I’ll be doing this more often…