I’ll let you guys in on a little secret.

Growing up, part of me was jealous of Boston. Yep. You read that right. As a much younger L., I wanted to move to Boston. Not to attend Harvard or any other of the colleges. I wanted to move to Boston because, even as a kid growing up outside of New York, I knew of the Boston music scene.

Sure, there wasn’t CBGB’s or any of the grittiness that gets associated with New York. No Lou Reed or the New York Dolls. However, Boston had The Rathskeller and a burgeoning hardcore scene that would eventually change and morph into more of an alternative stomping ground. Maybe it was the plethora of universities and university students, or maybe it was just people lamenting the fact that the T shut down at midnight. Whatever it was, small music labels such as Taang! and CherryDisc Records started to pop up. Bands such as Mission of Burma and The Del Fuegos, The Blake Babies, and The Lemonheads paved the way for later bands such as The Sheila Divine and Belly. (The list of Boston-based bands could go on for several paragraphs and I am not a music historian, so please forgive me when I leave out your favorite band…but my fun fact: Evan Dando once hugged me. He was high, and I was skeeved out.)

That being said, when WFNX, one of the first and few remaining alternative rock stations shuttered its antennae and was sold to Clear Channel, hearts were broken. Rooting for Clear Channel is like rooting for The Yankees; people do it and I secretly wonder why.

I have had my heart broken before – when Long Island’s modern rock station, WLIR, was bought out by a Spanish music station. You can imagine how jarring it was to come home from college and hit my radio preset only to hear something that was not a jangly guitar.

WFNX will live on online as a streaming station, but for those of us with cars that have no streaming capabilities, this makes commuting not nearly as tolerable.

Boston Accents, the ‘fnx show that focused on local music, ended their last show with Viva Viva “Dead in Your Tracks.” A fitting end.