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As any freelancer will tell you, there are positives and negatives to that lifestyle. It is great to be able to set your own schedule, make plans, and then pick and choose jobs that work within your needs. The difficult part is that with freelancing, much of the time you have to take what you can get, and that means that the money isn’t consistent.

The flip side – a full-time job – gives you the opposite. Consistent paycheck and work, but usually a set daily schedule and amount of vacation time, which has to work into the schedule of your company.

Sitting in an office all day + a commute = a hard equation to solve for anyone who is used to the freelance lifestyle.

In life, we all have to figure out what our priorities are and make choices accordingly. For me, family has always come first, and now being married (and looking to start having kids soon) that perspective remains the same but just narrows in its focus. What that has translated to for me is taking a full-time job. The benefits are of course that my paycheck is consistent and decent, but it also means I have to sit in an office for at least 10 hours a day and in my car for about 2. It is a constant struggle for me because I miss the sunlight, the flexibility, and having dinner with my wife every night.

I hope that in the end “the juice is worth the squeeze” (anyone know that movie reference, without doing a Google search?). At the very least, I am finding I have more time to write my blog posts, so not all creative freedom has gone out the window (that I look out every day, which looks directly at a brick wall).