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When I was a teenager I was a hopeless romantic. I was in love with the movies and the idea of being in love.

“As you wish.”- Princess Bride, enough said.

As I eased into my early 20s, I fell in love and got my heart broken a couple times. I learned how to heal, I grew and continued to make good and bad decisions. When I was in my mid-20s I became a bit jaded. I stopped believing in the same movie romance and started to believe that love was something that I could never be sure of. All that I could do is make a commitment and hope for the best because I came to think I would never be sure. These ideas and feelings brought me through my late 20s.

It was when I turned 30 and I turned the focus back on myself, as I talked about last December in my post “I Can Finally Say…” that things began to change. After I learned how to love myself, I found the love of my life. I learned that it is true what they say (whoever they are), “You know when you know.” I realized that it is possible to be sure, to know that there really is one person out there that compliments me just as I compliment them. So, let me take a moment to tell you what I have learned about what true love really means.

True love is:

– Putting US above I

– Always having her on my mind in every decision I make

– Being there for the bad as well as the good.

– Knowing that there is nothing that we can’t get through as long as we work together

– Getting breakfast in bed from your wife, who despises any food in the bed

I would love to hear what true love means to you….