So I have long heard complaints about the women of D.C. being less than up to par. This seems to be a pretty common opinion among the men here, and they bitch about it frequently. Though it was published over a year ago, this stupid bit of trash gets referenced frequently:

I’d be shocked if most of my friends in D.C. haven’t read it and heard it referenced a billion times by now. It’s started a little bandwagon of other blogs that have followed suit, and it seems to have collected a fan base over the last year. The most disturbing part, perhaps, is that this was not written by some country bumpkin tea bagger. I’m pretty sure this guy considers himself a liberal.

Some of his reasons why D.C. “sucks for guys” include the following:

  • “There aren’t many attractive women. Most are sloppy, ugly, fat, and don’t care about looking good for men…Said women believe that their education level and wack governmentalish type job makes them more of a catch than looking photogenic and being feminine.”
  • “There aren’t enough cute white girls for white men who don’t want to date minorities.”
  • “There are not as many young and nubile au-pairs coming into the city as before.”
  • “Women who live in DC gradually become status whores.”

I would agree that most of us don’t put on slutty heels and tight tops like in some of the other cities he mentions. Our wardrobes are in direct response to casual flip-flops the men love to wear, and we don’t sell ourselves on being hot trophy wives. The women in D.C. do indeed have political careers, or in this dude’s words, “wack governmentalish type jobs”; they are lawyers or run nonprofits or work for senators, and they are smart. And because we are smart and educated, we expect the same from our partners. Yeah, I don’t really want to date a guy who is unemployed; apparently that makes me a status whore.

Women in D.C. outnumber the men by 11%, which means that not only do men have their pick of the litter, they don’t really have to try very hard. Maybe that’s why many of them have overblown senses of entitlement that allow them to berate and look down on the abundance of lovely women here.

I don’t want to stereotype all our men. I have many male friends who are great human beings and appreciative of the women of D.C., and this guy is clearly a racist asshole who wants bang as many 18-year-old European imports as possible. And yet, I’ve met a decent amount of men here who share these opinions and think they are acceptable, which in a town that is supposedly extremely liberal and forward thinking is really disturbing. How can you consider yourself a liberal when you view women this way? And yet, they do. Many of them.

Note to “liberal” men: being liberal means more than supporting taxing the rich. Just because you support legalizing marijuana doesn’t mean you are forward thinking and have therefore earned your right to bash women.

Many smart women have written better counterpoints to this, and some of the locals may feel like I’m beating a dead horse with old news. But I feel the need to keep defending us, mostly because I keep hearing men bring it up, and it’s frustrating, not only for the ladies of D.C., but for the country in general. The fact that we still judge women this way is unacceptable. Especially in our nation’s Capitol, where so many of us came here to make changes. Men, isn’t that why you are here, too? Why else did you come to the hub of our government if not to push forward-thinking policy? It knocks my hope for our future back several notches to realize this is how our liberal men think. Urg. Depressing. I sincerely hope this fan base of “liberal” men leave D.C. in search of cities with dumber, hotter chicks and leave us to run the government. Yes, it means the the ratio of women to men will increase, but who needs men like that anyway? Guess that’s why I’m still single. I want respect.