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I, like most of my co-bloggers, am an avid reader. I am quite eclectic in my taste but tend to favor memoirs as a book of choice.

In the past 2 months I have read the following in order of consumption:

1. The Reluctant Mr. Darwin: An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution

2. The Other Wes Moore

3. The Help

4. Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian and Bisexual in a College Sorority

5. Jesus Land 

6. In the Land of Long Fingernails

7. Fifty Shades of Grey 

Looking at this list of seven books, I wonder if my summer reading makes me appear as if I have no life, but that is not the case. I just feel the need to keep my brain functioning and this is how I do that. I found Jesus Land to be very powerful, and if there was one of them that I would say you should read, that would be the one.

I was recently challenged to read Fifty Shades of Grey (hence its presence on the list and it being in the #7 slot) and many people have been interested in my feelings on it as a gay woman. I found it to be a fluffy, enjoyable page turner. Gay or not, I found it to have moments that were pretty damn sexy for sure.

More to the point, while I found the book sexy and fun, it didn’t rock my world. I think this is because there are some real differences in being in a homosexual relationship as opposed to a heterosexual one. This book represents, in my humble opinion, what most straight women wish their men understood about women.

I think that what a lesbian relationship offers as compared to many male/female relationships (in reference to this book’s topic) are two things. First being, the inherent understanding that all female bodies are different. I am not trying to put all men in a box here, but many do not understand that what works for Sally won’t work for Sue and so on and so forth. As a lesbian woman, this is something that I understand very well, and I think that part of why men lack this understanding is that men’s bodies do not function in the same way that women’s do. Joe might prefer apples to oranges, but nevertheless, oranges will still do the trick for him. Listen up here, men, this is NOT true for women. What does it for one woman might not do diddlysquat for another.

This takes me to number two. Women, much of the time, have an easier time talking openly with other women (especially about sex). The only way to solve this understanding is to pay attention and COMMUNICATE. That is what I said, you have to talk to each other. So, women, you have to tell your guy what is working for you and what isn’t working for you. You have to show him and tell him what you want. Men, you need to create an environment where you can have this conversation, and you have to ASK (and more importantly, listen)! The more you can be open with each other, the more you can grow together!

I would love to hear your thoughts… so please, leave some below 🙂