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I’m just getting back from a friend’s wedding today, so this week’s post is going to be short. I’m unpacking the overnight bag, giving my concerned cat extra pets, and picking the I-ate-in-the-car crumbs out of my clothes.

The wedding was a beautiful affair filled with delicious food, wonderful people, one super gorgeous bride, and wild dancing. While I’m not a wedding crier, nearly all declarations of love pull my face into an unending smile, and this wedding was no exception.

It’s not cool to like weddings. It’s easy to laugh at their sometimes overbaked sincerity and super precious details. The Onion did a pretty thorough satire (with video!) of everything people love to hate about people getting married – using a “horrible” couple with “quirky little bullshit tastes.” If you’re single, divorced, in a stinky marriage, or have otherwise been burned by love, it’s can also be easy to fall into cynicism or sarcasm at weddings.

It’s true that some engaged couples can be annoying in their insistence that guests revel in every last personal detail that makes them unique. Some brides and grooms can be demanding, annoying, and downright childish for their biiiig daaaaay. Not to mention the Wedding Industrial Complex, which dictates the manner of traditional taste and rules everyone should follow – all of it, hooey.

But I don’t find these annoyances to be the majority.

I am, in fact, here to out myself: I love weddings. Love. Them. This is from someone whose first language is sarcasm. I’m the one in the corner with a curled lip and a biting remark about politics, religion, and beauty pageants. I can’t watch Glee because sincere singing gives me second-hand embarrassment. But I love weddings. All weddings – gay, straight, religious, secular. Weddings make my face hurt and my heart sing.

From the moment I get a save-the-date, email, or an invite, I can barely wait to see the dress, read the program, hear the vows, and partake of that rarefied romantic air usually only replicated in a good book. I like to see how people connect: who’s related to whom and how? I like to sample all the food and let the warmth of red wine wash over me. I like to dress up in a way that only weddings will allow – classy, with just a touch of sparkle. And I like to dance; oh boy, do I like to dance.

But more than anything, and without sounding too creepy, I like to watch the couple. The elation, the promise written on their faces; the words they use for each other, with each other; and their love-enhanced beauty. It’s like the resolution in a Jane Austen novel. There is no greater display of the power of choosing love. It can make you gasp, even just a little.

So I’m here to ask you: if you too love weddings, stand with me. Declare it. Because I do.