Have you ever walked down the aisle in the vitamins and supplements section of Whole Foods? WTF? It’s outrageously overwhelming. I honestly don’t know where to start, and that says a lot because I have a background in fitness.

I work part time as a personal trainer so I’m not unfamiliar with what it means to eat healthy, and I do okay. I don’t eat fast food ever, and I only eat junk food on rare occasions. I limit my sugar intake, eat whole grains, make sure I have the adequate amount of protein in each meal, and eat at least some fruits and veggies every day. But sometimes that means buying a Kashi frozen meal or eating a protein bar in between meals… and yes, I drink too much beer. Sigh.

My immune system is in the crapper, mostly I think because of my lack of sleep (you can read my previous blog about my sleep deprivation), but also because of stress and working so many jobs. I am trying to sort out ways to sleep more, but working so many jobs makes that hard, and I can’t afford to work less at the moment. So I’m trying to approach helping my immune system through food instead. But like most trainers, I know a lot about eating for weight loss and eating for strength gain, but not much about actually eating for health. Huh. Ironic. Turns out protein shakes don’t cut it when you’re fighting disease.

Okay, so in general, I eat in such a way to keep my weight healthy and my heart from clogging, but thinking through the different combos of supplements, seeds, vegetables, grains, fruits, and vitamins can be tricky. How much vitamin A should I be getting and from what source? What times of day and in what forms should I get my antioxidants in order to get maximum absorption? Why the f-k is that stuff that grows chia pets good for me? And if any of you have been drinking kombucha tea (the brand name is Synergy Tea), did you know that stuff comes from giant mushroom juice? Eww. Super gross.

Overwhelmed with all this information, I had a colleague recommend a very affordable nutritionist. I’m gonna let her sort it out for me. But my goal is to learn as much as possible, so in 6 months I can answer all the questions above that I’ve laid out and be an expert on eating for health.