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I’m ok. My loved ones are ok. Their loved ones are ok. Some of us lost power, the internet, a tree. But we have food and water, can stay warm, and – perhaps most importantly – are alive. Our inconveniences are just that, minor. Many others were not so lucky.

I love this town. There’s a special sort of anxiety in seeing it get chipped away by forces outside of anyone’s control. The powerlessness can be overwhelming.

There’s a quote attributed to 20th-century author Napoleon Hill, and it goes something like this: You can’t control others’ acts, but you can control your reaction to their acts, and that is what counts most. I think it’s OK to include forces of nature in the “others’ acts” category.

In other words, all you ever have is your reaction. Make it responsible, and make it count.

To that end, please find below resources for victims of Hurricane Sandy, as well as resources for anyone who can help.

If You Need Help

New York

Food and Water

Disaster Assistance

Health Assistance

Hot Showers

NY Emergency Management

NY Emergency Management Contact Numbers

Open Gas Stations

Open Shelters

Open Restaurants

Unemployment Assistance

New Jersey

Food and Water

List of open gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies, and hotels

Open Shelters

Other NJ Resources

NJ 211 Response Recovery Resources

If You Want to Help Others


Help Displaced Animals

New York Blood Center

New York Sandy Volunteer Opportunities

New Jersey Needs

If you have additional resources to share, please do in the comments. It’s appreciated.