I had my post all ready to go last Monday….and then I lost my electricity. A. and I were lucky – we got our power back on within an hour. We had no major damage aside from a few large limbs that landed precariously close to the car. The tree up the block decided to take a closer look at our neighbor’s house and took out a good chunk of the roof. The street perpendicular to my street had utility poles cracked in half.

Utility Poles

But, like I said, we were lucky.

My parents on Long Island were lucky, too – they had no damage to their house or the car. However they did lose power – and did not get it back until late Thursday evening. Because their phone service is through their internet provider, they had no phone either. My hometown is notoriously bad for cell phone reception, so I would hear from my parents each night as they huddled outside standing on one foot trying to get the best reception. Conversations went like this: “Your father and uncle heard about an ice shipment in Lynbrook, so they are going to leave early tomorrow to try to get some, so we can hopefully salvage some food” or “We are running low on firewood, and the town supervisor stopped by today to let us know that everyone needs to conserve water because the sewers are getting backed up and water is getting scarce.” My parents, by the way, live in a very populated section of Long Island – so to hear them talk like this made me think of those who don’t have neighbors nearby willing to share batteries. When my parents finally got their power back, they invited people over who still did not have power – so they could get a hot meal, charge their cellphones and check in with family.

But they are lucky.

A friend I grew up with lost everything – her house was flooded, and she and her family were forced to evacuate. They are okay, but need to rebuild. If you haven’t donated yet or are wary of donating to charity for fear that it would go just to overhead and not to those who need it most – consider donating directly to Emily and her family. Every little bit helps.