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Fuck Guns

Fuck guns. Fuck people who want to own guns. All of them. It’s in the Constitution, you say? Times have changed. The Forefathers did not envision this. Change the Amendment.

You want to carry a weapon for your personal safety? Because criminals are out there and will get their hands on guns anyway? Bullshit. Too many people who wouldn’t be able to get their guns out and loaded in time anyway. Too many accidents with guns in the home. Too many kids getting their hands on them. Too many easy suicides.

But owning guns is a part of your “culture?” Then that culture needs to change. Evolve. Some countries have a long, treasured history of cutting the clitorises off of baby girls for some long, treasured bullshit cultural reasons. THAT IS WRONG. I don’t care about your culture. I don’t care about your religion. I don’t care about your rights. It’s WRONG.

But you enjoy hunting? Killing animals for fun should not be a hobby. It is sick. But you only shoot at targets? Shooting for fun? FIND A NEW HOBBY. There are many of them. Your right to do things you like to do for “fun” does not trump the safety and well-being of your community.

But “guns don’t kill people, people kill people?” A fork can just as easily be used as a weapon, too. That’s asinine. Forks were designed for a different purpose. A gun has no other main purpose than to injure or kill.

Well why should I, a responsible gun-owner, be punished because some idiots can’t use guns in the correct way? First, there is no “correct” way, unless you are in the military and you are in WAR. Any other way is stupid and needless and selfish and wrong. Second, too bad. Fuck you. Your own selfish desire to own and use a gun for your stupid rationalized purposes are bullshit. This exceptionalism is destroying our country.

Taking away guns from everyone won’t completely solve the problem? Too bad. Fuck you. It’s a start. Whine and bitch all you want for your backwards, idiotic, selfish reasons.

Don’t agree? Fuck you. This has gone too far.

Stop defending the indefensible.

Schools have now incorporated “School Lockdown Drills” alongside the typical “Tornado Drill.” THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE NORMAL.

These neighborhoods are our neighborhoods. These children are our children.

Fuck this. Fuck guns. Fuck gun owners. Take them away from everyone. Take them away.