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Yesterday morning, my street looked like this:

They'd plowed already, can you tell?

They’d plowed already, can you tell?

We’re cleared out pretty well today, and the driving ban has been lifted, which is great because we’re out of milk and wine. We were very lucky to only go 1.5 hours without power, and fortunately it was at night when no one “needed” to watch an episode of Diego. And although it took us about 5 or 6 hours to dig out (the snow, at about 2 feet, was too high to just use the snow blower), there was Crown Royale to drink while shoveling and neighbors who helped out, including one who had a Bobcat to do the really heavy lifting.

If you’re interested in pretending you were hiding out in my neck of the woods during the storm, here’s a time lapse video of Nemo coming and going. I’m going to go out back and finish my igloo now.

video c. J. DePasquale, music by Riding Shotgun