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Did you hear the news? Apparently all the cool kids are moving to the ‘burbs. Well, at least the ones who make artisinal soap and name their kids after ’70s rock superstars.

I, on the other hand, have known about rocking out in the suburbs. When A. and I moved out from Cambridge a few years ago, I was hesitant. Having lived within walking distance from coffee shops, bars, and grocery stores for 10+ years, the thought of having to get into a car to go anywhere was daunting. I swore that it would be a cold day in hell before I left a metro area.

However, like the people in the Times article, A. and I knew we needed more bang for our buck. We wanted outdoor space, a place to grill, more square footage, etc. etc. And so like generations before us, we Levittowned out of the city and found a nice little house in a metro-west suburb with two parks nearby and a somewhat fancy school system.

And you know what? I not so secretly kind of love it. Sure, if I am too lazy to make coffee, I have to drive to the nearest Dunkin’s, and again, if we want to go out to a restaurant we either take the bus back into Cambridge or drive and know we are going to drink responsibly. But A. and I have made friends with our neighbors, and after the recent blizzard, one got her snowblower out and did our driveway. I thanked said neighbor by baking cookies and sending them her way. Sure, people in the city know their neighbors, but I don’t have to hear them knocking on the walls during a particularly rowdy evening. Instead, I can cause my own ruckus and not worry about waking up the person that lives below me. (This is also helpful when one likes to play DDR on the Wii.)

And if I want the city life, I am only a short bus ride away. I am still not giving my kid a ridiculous name though. Or comparing any former residence of mine to any part of Burning Man. That’s not cool, just insufferable.