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Here I am, hanging my head in shame – really, I am – because I haven’t had time to write up a full post this week because instead I’ve been reading. A lot. This used to be the norm for me; I wasn’t happy unless I had four or five books stacked next to my bed, or possibly on it, even while I was sleeping there. I was always in the middle of two or three books simultaneously because I couldn’t decide which one looked best. I would regularly read until 2 a.m.

I don’t do these things so much anymore due to the demands of kids and work, keeping up with relationships, and a million other things, both serious and stupid, that pull at my time. But I do have a reading list going, and after AWP, I pulled it out because I wanted to add a few novels, a few authors. The result was a trip to the library where I boldly checked out three novels and one memoir, probably 2,000 pages all told, that I will attempt to get through in the next three weeks. I’ve also started reading literary journals again, both in print and online, so I can add that to my climbing page count. And last but not least, I’m suddenly addicted to Julianna Baggott’s blog, mostly because of pieces like this one about ambition and protecting your time to write and this one about being an efficient writer and a mom, and I’m also into this other site about art and motherhood that a friend just told me about. And then there are all of the articles I’ve been reading about Leaning In, Leaning Out, Leaning In and Shaking It All About (sorry, Hokey-Pokey flashback to childhood – not suggesting anyone should shake anything while Leaning). Oh, and also? It’s National Poetry Month. There is so much good stuff out there. I just want to hide out in a rabbit house in the bottom of a tree because it’s the coziest, at least according to Peter Rabbit, and gorge myself on words for a while. I may or may not be back next week with anything coherent to say about it.

Here’s what I’ll be reading, for those who are interested.

But nothing else about Leaning, I think. It’s time to sit for a few minutes.

What are you reading? Please share!