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It has been a disheartening week. The news out of Cleveland, the ongoing saga here in Boston of the Tsarnaev brothers and their friends and family and everyone’s role in the bombing, the sexual assault charges brought against the man who’s supposed to be preventing sexual assaults in the Air Force – each of these stories alone is bad, but together they’re overwhelming enough to make you think that humanity is in a terrible place. Clearly we deserve that zombie apocalypse that’s heading right for us. I am only sort of kidding.

So let’s focus on something else instead for a moment. Let’s think about one of the best part of humanity. Let’s talk about Delaware. (That’s not where you thought I was going, was it?)

Three of the six of us who blog here called Delaware home for some or all of our formative years. When I lived there though, I didn’t think much of the state. It isn’t that I didn’t like it, I just felt like everything about it was “meh,” which is somehwat inarticulate but accurate. I had a high level of apathy about Delaware. Probably that was due to my age and to the fact that my family didn’t have a beach house because the beaches in Delaware are pretty great, and I’m sure if I’d spent all summer down at Rehoboth or Bethany, I’d have had a little more love for the state. And also, a lot more sunburns and underage drinking stories. But my preference really is cities, big cities that always have a lot going on, and Delaware just can’t deliver on that scale. The tax-free shopping, that I miss now that I’m a grown-up who buys big items like furniture. But I never felt like Delaware was an exciting place to be, or a state doing exciting things, things that made me proud to call it home.

However, some good stuff has happened for Delaware in the past few years, at least according to me. First Joe Biden became VP, and damn, do I love that guy. Not the way Leslie Knope does, of course, but still. He is hilariously, accidentally awesome – just check out these quotes and pictures if you don’t believe me – and I even agree with some of his politics, so it’s a win-win.

And then, earlier this week Delaware made me even prouder by passing their same-sex marriage bill. That doesn’t come with goofy quotes and pics, but it does come with State Senator Karen Peterson’s wonderfully accurate quote, “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, then you need to work on your marriage.”

So let’s talk about love, the opposite of all the fucked-up hate on display in the news this week, and most other weeks. It’s the antidote. It’s not all we need – I’m not going to support that old cliche – but it does help with almost everything because love seems to make everything a little more bearable, and occasionally even makes the impossible happen. There’s just no good reason to shut it down: not religion, not tradition, not personal intolerance, not fear. I mean, those are all reasons someone will cite, but they are clearly shitty reasons. No one else’s happiness and love will ruin yours, so why try to ruin theirs? There are enough people doing cruel and evil things in the world without adding to it by legislating away someone’s rights.

Thanks, Delaware, for recognizing this and giving us a bright spot of hope during a bad week. Minnesota, we’re looking at you next!