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A., I, and some friends headed over to the Steampunk Festival in Waltham this past weekend. I am not going to lie, my goal was to gawk. I am pretty open-minded when it comes to people’s preferences, but for some reason the idea of walking around with a bunch of gears attached to your head is a bit bewildering to me.

That being said, I learned some valuable lessons along the way and was happy to see so many people out and about embracing their true selves.

1. There sure are a lot of people who enjoy wearing goggles.

2. It is possible to construct a mermaid tail out of leather and sit around in it for several hours. (I could hear my mother saying, BUT HOW DO YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM?)

3. Just because you own a musical instrument does not mean you should play it in public. A. tried to be polite and called it “deconstructed jazz.” I called it a headache.

4. I had no idea that selling tiny hats was a thriving industry. Go, tiny hat people!

5. Puppets with gears attached to them are scarier than actual, regular puppets.

6. People really enjoy goggles.

7. I wonder how so many women can breathe while wearing what appears to be extremely tight corsets.

8. Parents of steampunk children appeared to be good sports. Children of steampunk parents appeared to be mortified.

9. Both fans of steampunk and my husband enjoy a deep fried hamburger. (I, on the other hand, enjoy having my arteries free and clear). And yes, said hamburger has its very own Yelp page.

10. Did I mention the goggles?

Overall, it was a sunny spring day and I got to spend it with friends walking around outside. I really couldn’t ask for much more than that. Except for maybe my own pair of goggles.

No I did not buy these, however I do look quite fetching.

No, I did not buy these; however, I do look quite fetching.