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It seems a bit like fate for me to write this post right now as I just read Jill’s post yesterday about Molly.  If you haven’t read it, you should.

Last night my wife and I were walking home from a friend’s place and I heard a ‘meow’.  Now, I happen to love cats and yet I own a dog.  It took me a while to fall in love with Shiloh, which I am sure is hard to believe for everyone who has ever met her or even saw a picture of her.  See exhibit A below:


I know it is very hard to believe, but now she is my baby and I love her.  But regardless of my love for Shiloh, I will always have a soft spot for cats.

Back to the ‘meow’.  If you have ever had a cat, you know that there are different meows that have unique meanings.  This was an “I’m scared” or “Something is wrong” meow, so we started to look around to figure out where the sound was coming from.  Of course it wasn’t in any of the easier places, but deep in the large bushes in front of the building.

I spent the next 45 minutes to an hour in those bushes.  I promise you I have the scratches from the branches to prove it.

Now the tone of the meow said cat, but when I saw it, in that moment my heart melted as its little body and face all said kitten.  It was very scared and ran away from me and got caught in a little bush as the sprinklers came on.  I carefully got it out of the bush only to lose it as it jumped from my hands.  After another twenty minutes and many more scratches later I found her again, which I shouted to my wife who was on the other side of the bush, now with a flash light because the sun was going down quickly.

As I came out of the bushes with this little baby in my hands the next question to come was what do we do with her.  The little kitten looked to be about a month old, and had the cutest little face.  There was no way we could leave her out there because where we live there are a lot of raccoons around and she was so tiny with no means to fight back.

We brought her home and put her in our guest bathroom on a soft little mat with some milk.  Shiloh was very curious and did not know why this mini creature was in her space.  She was only trying to meet her and not hurt her, but because we did not know if the little kitty was sick in any way there was no way we could allow them to get close.

My wife began trying to reach the two friends that we have who are vets, but unfortunately neither of them answered their phones.  She called the vet we took Shiloh to when she got hurt a year ago and explained the situation.  She told them we weren’t in the market for a new pet and did not know what to do to help her.  We did not know if she was sick or healthy and because of that we couldn’t just keep her until we found her a home because we could never risk Shiloh’s health.  We also did not want to spend tons of money we don’t have right now, but did not want to bring her somewhere to just be put down.

The vet tech told her that we could bring her in and they would care for her.  He told her that if we wanted to keep her, we would have to pay for them to check her out, but if we surrendered her, they will make sure that she is taken care of.  My wife triple confirmed that they would not just put her to down. He confirmed that unless she was very sick and it was in her best interested they would never do this.  After he told her that we decide to take her in.

I wrapped her up on one of my wife’s old skirts and off we went.  In the car I held her close to me and she stopped meowing.  She just snuggled up to me and kept looking at me with her cute little face.  I pet her gently and talked to her. She was calm and finally relaxed.  I think that feeling my heart beat and being against a warm body helped her relax as she was probably used to being close to her mom.

When we arrived we talked to the vet tech that my wife had spoken to on the phone.  Before I handed her over to him the kitten licked me a couple of times which made the hand off even harder.

We waited there for a little while to hear that she was ok.  He told us that on first look the vet felt that she was in good health, that they were already treating her for fleas and giving her water and food.  They would be running some tests on her and making sure she is healthy. We learned that they actually have several cats living there and they use them to donate blood for other cats.  They have happy life there and help save other animals.

Even though I know she is in good hands, I can’t get her out of my mind.  I keep picturing her laying next to Shiloh here at home.  We are going to be calling back later today to check to see how she is doing.  My wife isn’t the most keen on the idea of keeping her, but will of course if that is what I want.

I am not sure what we will do, but for now have a look for yourself. See if like me, you can’t get her little face out of your mind: