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It seems like everyone has a moment when a specific thought hits them. The “I am getting old” thought.

I have been a huge proponent of the “I love my 30s” way of thinking, which is true. I do love my thirties. I feel good about where I am in my life right now, more so than I ever have. So the question is why this upcoming birthday is hitting me so hard.

I am three years younger than my sister. I was 31 when she turned 34. For some unknown reason I remember very clearly when her birthday came that year and thinking to myself, “Wow, she is 34.” It seems strange, why 34, why not 35 or 40, and I do not have the answer. I only remember how much that had hit me, and recently when I realized my birthday was coming, it all came back to me.

I told my wife how hard this upcoming birthday is weighing on me.

Since telling her this, she has started some secret birthday plan for me. She told me to block off almost a week surrounding my birthday but won’t tell me any details. I keep asking questions, but she is keeping this one to herself. She keeps reminding me it’s almost here and trying to get me excited for it.

Truth be told, it is helping; I am excited for what she has planned and have been focusing on the fun surprise that is coming and less on the scary number.

I think everyone has a moment and a specific number that affects them so hard. I seem to have run into mine a bit earlier than expected. Less than a month away, I am interested to see what happens when the day arrives.