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Today, I was going to be posting a very different blog, but given the events of this historic day, I felt it important to make a change.

Today is one year and two days since my wedding day.  It is also the day that I am now legally permitted to be MARRIED to my wife in the state of California!

Today is also the day that DOMA has been knocked down, so we now will have federal marriage rights and be able to have the same protection as all heterosexual couples in this country.

It is not easy to put into words what this day means.  After filing separate taxes and after every single time we come back into our own country and have not been recognized as a family, today represents a change. It tells us that the country that we have been born in and spent our lives in will now recognize our family.

We are American citizens, we pay our taxes, and now we are finally on the road to full equal rights.  This is not the end of the fight, but this is a huge win for equality in this country!

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