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I just realized I haven’t written anything here in a month. I’ve had some ideas, sure, and I’ve started several different posts, but none of them has come to fruition, and I think I’ve finally figured out why. I am equally paralyzed by the desire to get them perfect and by a lack of sleep that has me dozing over my keyboard. I’m sure the sudden obsession with blog perfection is due to the fact that I’ve been writing a lot lately, both for work and for myself; the lack of sleep I also blame on those things, though really if I just stopped reading all of the internets, I could probably get an extra couple of hours of rest.

But also, I guess I haven’t felt like I have a lot to say, and I don’t enjoy babbling. I’m perfectly comfortable with awkward silences. It’s a comfort level I grew into with a former boss, who was a master of using the awkward silence to get you to talk about stuff you didn’t intend to reveal in meetings where the revealed info wasn’t ever relevant.

I’d like to break my silent streak though. So for your reading pleasure, here is a list of things I’ve started and stopped writing about. Hopefully my writer’s block will end before the next time I post….

  • An explication of rug shopping as a metaphor for the boring parts of adult life (my husband said this was, like Seinfeld, a post about nothing, but hey, it was also sort of boring, so goal achieved, I guess).
  • An exploration of why so many people on Pinterest refer to various foods as “crack” when I’m willing to bet none of them has the crack habit of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Now there is someone whose comparison of artichoke dip to crack I could take seriously.
  • A discussion of why I love Joe Biden’s gaffes so much, especially when they have to do with Boston. You’ve gotta love someone who congratulates the wrong man on being elected mayor, amirite, you son of a gun?
  • A rant about driving in Boston and my slow descent into Masshole-ish-ness as I try to drive defensively and end up honking/swearing at the idiots who keep aiming for the side of my car coming through Watertown Square. Going straight from the left turn lane, going right from the lane meant only to go straight, merging where there is no merge, I guess the rules at that intersection are more of a suggestion, really.
  • An inquiry into whether my one-and-a-half year old is messing with us, given that twice in the past two days, he has carefully retrieved objects that we thought we lost and scoured the house for, and then presented them to us right after we’ve totally given up on ever finding them. I think he’s getting us back for dressing him up in a totally adorable but slightly mangy bunny costume for Halloween.

And now I’m off to do more writing for work and go to bed around midnight so I can start tomorrow nice and tired.