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Ever since I got engaged in March, people have been asking me about our wedding plans.

My first reflexive thought is, Huh? We have to have a wedding? I thought we were done? Get engaged, the end.

Whatever it is that many women have that thrills them to plan a wedding, I do not have. My teen step-daughter said, “Jill, you lack the Bride Gene.”

It’s true. I never was the type of little girl to dream about her wedding day. As an adult, I have zero desire to plan, organize and pay for a wedding. Which is odd, because I love weddings. I love going to weddings, love all the decor, the shmoopiness, the gathering of friends and family, the eating and drinking and dancing. So why can’t I get down with having a wedding of my own?

Is it the money? That’s definitely part of it. But then I imagine that I’m a millionaire and can afford any type of wedding. Even then, I feel the anxiety creeping in. No. I really just want to go to the Justice of the Peace and sign a piece of paper and go home. Post a photo on Facebook, high-five and call it a day.

Norm thinks that sounds like a fine idea.

But then again, I do feel like we should do something to mark the occasion. Gather the tribe and officially announce the blending of families. But what? I don’t want it to be too big or expensive, and these things tend to snowball.

Norm is all about that, too.

Most of all, I would really like to take our combined four children to Disney World. As cheesy as that sounds, I love Disney World. I have so many great childhood memories myself and think the kids would love it. And what better way to start a new chapter in life as brothers and sisters than with Mickey Mouse, long lines and animatronics? If there is one, I don’t want to know about it.

So what about a Disney Wedding? I looked, and they cost one billion dollars and a total of like five people can be at the actual ceremony, otherwise it costs two billion dollars. Personally, I’d rather spend that money on the actual vacation itself.

So I’ve done a little research (i.e. Googling “small weddings + Chicago”) and came up with a lot of “great, affordable” ideas for “small weddings” that were much bigger and much more expensive than what I had in mind.

I then thought, maybe we should just go to the courthouse then have an open-house type of party at home? A BBQ? Just have people drop in to say hello and take some photos?

That sounds like an ok idea to me, but then we have many siblings who live out-of-state. Was it worth it to have them fly in for that?

That seems lame. Lamer than just going to the courthouse and sending out an announcement. “Hey, we got married! Here’s a photo.”

I am really at a loss. And I know that if I don’t plan something, I will plan nothing and we will be eternally engaged.

So I need help. Genuinely. I don’t know how many people actually read this blog, but I would sincerely love small wedding ideas. Most of the weddings I have been to were pretty large affairs. Has anyone been to a small, lovely, family oriented (and more importantly, kid-friendly/blended family focused) wedding? Ideas?