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Have you watched this: Pres . Obama Announces Executive Action On Gun Control

Today Jill passed shared it and I cried while I watched it.  I look at my kids (yes that is plural and it has been that long, I’m sorry) and I wonder what took so long, think about all of those little kids that were killed and cry some more.

I don’t care what all the nay-sayers spew about him, I wish that we could re-elect Obama. I truly believe that he has done some amazing things and I can only hope that whoever comes in next will work as hard.  The options out there on the right scare me to my core and I want a safe and good place to raise my kids.

When you become a parent the world changes.  Your eyes change, your ears change and your ability to watch Law & Order SVU changes.  You are not the same and you will never be the same.  This is a blessing and a curse because you will cry more and get scared faster.  You will see a child and think about yours.

I have more to say and to share, so hopefully I will do better and start writing more. But for now, I have one that just went down for a nap and the other about to wake up, so I am going to take 30 seconds to myself and drink some coffee.

Tonight I will hug my kids tighter and be thankful for a good start to gun control.