About the 6 Women

We started out with Boston, New York, D.C., LA, and Philly. Then we lost Philly and added Chicago, and now we’re switching D.C. for Denver. We talk about our cities and why we love them, why we hate them, their quirks and ours. Check out our author profiles and join us!

5 thoughts on “About the 6 Women”

  1. Wait a second…I count 7 women…Something’s off here…:-?…unless one has actually turned into a viscacha…

    • No one has become a vizcacha….yet. Chris from Philly is on indefinite hiatus, so there are only 6 of us currently writing. I know, it’s complicated, but we are complicated people, after all.

  2. Ahh I know a few of these women …loved the story .

  3. So now DC becomes Denver?

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